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Picking Coffee

Big Business methods - less than 10% of the value of that cup of coffee you are drinking stays with the farmers, and usually, only 2% of that is profit to them. 

Join us and change the way it's done -  Beyond Direct Trade prices at the beginning of the supply chain gives back more to the farmers.

More opportunities for better education, improved health and more purposeful lives that allow them to thrive, not just survive.


Find out more about our specific projects here and how they help our farmers and co-operative members.


Big Business methods - The market for coffee is highly consolidated, with 35 per cent of the world's coffee being handled by 10 major roasters. The biggest margins in the industry remain in the hands of the roasters. By keeping roasting in country you keep a larger percentage of the profits in the hands of the farmers. 


When roasting is done in a country away from where the coffee is grown, it takes away opportunities of up-skilling locals and entrepreneur development. 

Roasting in the country of origin provides an additional 40% revenue with more proportional profits remaining in the country. And - you get fresher coffee sent directly to you.

How? Find out here

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WhatsApp Image 2019-11-24 at 10.48.15 AM
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Big Business methods - takes away your opportunity to create better changes and impacts. 

Rather than have 70% of the value of your coffee go to large corporations, let's instead put it to work to impact our farmer's homes, hearts, and habitats. 




Make your 2-cents count ... a project where we commit to having 2-cents from every cup of our coffee sold to go back to even more social projects, including our Kawacare Health Insurance for farmers.

Stay posted on this.

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