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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Shadow on Concrete Wall

More about fiona

An eco-warrior at heart, Fiona is passionate about caring for farmers, caring for habitats, aned connecting coffee farmers to coffee drinkers.. 


Her commitment -  to SEE differently -  with Social, Environmental and Economical sustainable practices that empower women, create economic livelihood beyond farming and collaborate with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to provide opportunities to protect and sustain the mountain gorilla habitats and environment.

Now living in Detroit, she is engaged and ocmmitted to connect people  through coffee, and  is looking forward to being part of the Detroit and Grosse Pointe communities and bringing positive impacts to under-served, special needs  and minority communities .


As a grant writer, project director and creative force, she loves birthing new ideas and working to bring them to fruition.  Success depends on knowing who the right people are, cultivating interest for the project and bringing them on board. 

Some highlights of her work:

We’ve Got Horsepower” allowed her to establish a therapeutic horseback riding program in partnership with The Grosse Pointe Hunt Club, the Grosse Pointe Community Schools, and the Ray Laethem Dealership. 

Passionate about the importance of building community relationships to establish a network of support for the people she serves, she developed program partnerships all over southeast Michigan with organizations such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, The Henry Ford, The Art Experience, Paint a Miracle, the Detroit Zoo, and many more.  In doing so she has established far-reaching professional relationships. 

Having built a vast network over many years she knows the power of passion and the role it plays in unifying people for a common cause to get the job done.  


She has built a reputation of excellence on her creed that no animal will die on her watch. When offered an opportunity to join forces with Coffee Connecting Communities and work to save the silverback gorilla of Uganda, she was all in.  Working to pair love of coffee with social good around the world speaks to her own heart.


“The mission of Coffee Connecting Communities deeply resonates with me. Using our shared love of coffee to come together not just for camaraderie over mutual beliefs but for the resolution of differences is a powerful thing. I embrace the tenants of this company as they have guided the principles of my own life.  I very much want to advance this cause. Why?


Because I believe.

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