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Founder & Executive Director

An eco-warrior at heart, Fiona is passionate about caring for coffee farmers, caring for people and  and caring for natural habitats. 

Fiona's experience in Papua New Guinea building an exporting coffee company with 2,345 certified organic and rainforest alliance members, as well as helping to get the region registered as the largest Conserrvation Area in the country,  demonstrates vision and passion and her belief that coffee is an incredible  tool for creating community changes. 





Project Development  Director

Patty has spent her career building partnerships with non-profit and for profit businesses for the purpose of collaborating on projects that improve lives and advance good causes. 

"I  have enormous enthusiasm for the Coffee Connecting Communities initiative and strong confidence our mission will continue to expand globally.  Most people want to be part of something greater than themselves and this  project provides endless opportunity to make a difference in the world”


Project Associate   - New York

Amanda Warren is a woman of many passions and at the top of her list is saving the lives of animals.   

 Savoring a good cup of coffee is a close second. 


In NYC where she lives, she has dedicated her career to rescuing, fostering and placing abandoned animals in every borough of the city. 

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