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Some facts:

  • More than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis globally at an average price of $3.00 per cup

  • 85% of the total value of coffee disappears into Big Coffee multinational companies

  • Of the remaining 15% value, only about 2% is profit for farmers – on average, less than .70c kilo (.35c lb)


Let’s create our own coffee changes,

starting with these.

Coffee for Causes - not only drinking coffee to help conserve gorilla habitats,  but also helping a favorite cause and doubling the good work of this coffee!


Projects that we've launched:

We are working with FULL CIRCLE FOUNDATION to do micro-roasting with their under-represented , special needs community members, helping them develop new skills and creating revenue through coffee sales for expanding their work.

Our second project is working with the CHURCH OF MESSIAH, DETROIT,  where we are partnering with minority women-owned businesses, another under-rrepresented group in the coffee sector,  to distribute this coffee with the goal of including micro-roasting and a coffee shop  to support community projects there.


Other causes and orgnizations we will partner with include animal shelter organizations and other non-profits that will use our coffee for fundraising.


AND ... we are looking forward to creating additional partnerships with your non-profit, business, church, or community organization.

Beyond Direct Trade – where upwards to 60% more of the value will remain in-country of farmers by paying Direct Trade price differentials, as well as by roasting, packaging and exporting directly from the country, thus increasing revenue value remaining in-country and providing skilled jobs and career paths.

The right Y: We want to do the right things, the right way but more importantly, for the right why … Profit with Purpose. ​We fund various projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and work towards supporting people and the planet, using coffee as the tool to create meaningful changes ... one cup at a time. 


Small is beautiful – Single-origin regional coffee demands selective distribution and small batch roasting  of the coffee, delivered directly to our coffee partners. More information on how to buy our coffee here.

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