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From poachers to protectors 

How Coffee and Gorilla Tourism Combat Human-Wildlife Conflict & Poverty

'From Poachers to Protectors' is an initiative of Noble Gorilla Reserve Coffee and  Gorilla Highlands Coffee, aimed at transforming Ex-Poachers of gorillas and other wild animals, to become Protectors and Champions for these creatures that are under threat. 

Silverback Gorillas are an endangered species and have been targeted by poachers as well as having their habitats disturbed by community needs. 


Through conservation education, community support programs, and agricultural partnerships, we aspire to create a world free of poachers, encouraging ex-poachers in our communities to become leaders within this space and be key advocates for change. We are privileged to have iconic conservation organizations like the Diane Fosse foundation (now the Gorilla Organization) based right at Kisoro where we are doing our work.


"Women 's participation in conservation is crucial because they also participate in the destruction of the habitat through domestic roles like gathering medicine from forests, firewood and growing crops too close to the gorilla's habitats. Educating and empowering them means increasing habitat protection". Regina Sanyu, Dian Fossey Foundation.





By providing them with opportunities that are more rewarding economically and emotionally than poaching and encroaching on gorilla habitats, by engaging them with gorilla and coffee eco-tourism, providing complementary income opportunities like beekeeping, and inviting them to become part of our Select Farmer  Grand Crus coffee program. Seeing them learn how unique their region is as home to the majestic mountain gorillas creates pride, commitment, and stewardship of their habitats. 

Combine that with the opportunity to become a single-origin coffee region aspiring to achieve Grand Crus Specialty Coffee recognition, why resort to destructive practices when instead, we can create Centers of Excellence in Conservation, Coffee and Tourism. 

Come and visit our region of beauty. Encourage us in our commitment to social enterprise leadership. Join us in trekking and meet these noble silverbacks and their families, and help us create these positive changes in our communities while enjoying excellent coffee every day. 

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