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St. Gertrudes School Drive

coffee clubs for change

Meet our wonderful girls from St. Gertrude's school in Kisoro. They are the first group to embrace our social enterprise Coffee Clubs for Change. 

Each year more people learn about what we are doing with our youth, and now we invite you to be a part of our third wave of coffee for changes, to see differently.



We provide coffee seedlings to them so they can grow out the coffee on the school farmland. They learn all about how to care for coffee from seed through to harvest. 

Once ready to harvest, the revenue that is created when we pay premium specialty prices to them will be used for their university tuition fees .

Learning about caring for the land and caring for themselves is part of our commitment to our home, heart, and habitats. 

Come and visit us, plant some coffee and tea trees and  help improve the future of our youth.

Girls Gertrude school.jpg
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