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Coffee Connecting Communities  

Because you believe …

... People have more similarities than difference and love of coffee is one of them

... In dignity of work and non-exploitation of workers

... All animal lives are a gift to the earth

... in protecting Mother Earth through bio-degradable packaging

... Your coffee should taste good and do good

...Drinking our coffee is a simple way of showing that you care.

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People have more similarities than difference and love of coffee is one of them:

Coffee Connecting Communities was built from the understanding that we are all part of a communal world and have a responsibility for living in support of one another. The belief that there is interconnection among all people has roots deep within African culture just as our coffee plants have roots deep within African soil.

Our collective human experience is made richer because of the differences among us. Some cultures strongly embrace the idea of one identity, one belief system shared by all to create unity within that culture and minimize conflict. Others celebrate differences as a way to achieve greater acceptance of all people.  Our differences don’t define us, however - our similarities do. 

The cultural elements that make up societies are the same globally: language, art, literature, family structure, religion, music, customs and tradition.  We differ greatly in many of these but there is universal agreement on one - the world loves coffee!

Since it’s discovery in Ethiopia in the 1500’s, coffee has become a part of all societal norms. It is a focal point for promoting socialization.  Coffee is not just a drink, it is a means of social interaction every day as 2.5 billion cups are consumed worldwide. People have for over five hundred years gathered for a cup of coffee to share information, ideas, stories, laughs - and friendship.


In dignity of work and non-exploitaiton of workers:

Meaningful work brings people together, it creates a respectful work environment where the fruits of each person's labor benefit the individual as well as the the whole organization where peope connect and intersect.  


Direct Trade coffee remains a small portion of the market. Even though coffee is the second-largest commodity bought and sold in the world after crude oil and is the most popular fair trade commodity, there is a long way to go before direct and fair trade coffee is actually fair.  Coffee Connecting Communities is committed to be part of this movement to create fair and direct trade.

We do this by ensuring the well being of farmers and paying the best direct trade prices possible and additionally, a a percentage of proceeds from coffee sales are donated back to the region to support projects that benefit the entire communities. Learn more about them here. 


Social programs that promote common good is the under-pinning of the company and although this critical work began in Uganda and will continue there, the soul-center of our work is a global initiative and Coffee Connecting Communities is profoundly invested in making a difference for people everywhere.   


All animals are a gift to the earth:

Every bag of coffee purchased brings us closer to our goal of saving the endangered silver-back gorillas in the highlands of Uganda, but that’s not where our love of animals stops.  Proceeds from this product will also benefit other animal welfare organizations and you can help. Drink our coffee and encourage others to do the same by hosting a coffee connecting communities event in support of your favorite animal shelter, rescue center, or any animal-related cause near and dear to your heart. We guarantee it will be dear to ours as well. For information on hosting an event click on the “coffee that cares” link to find out how.


In protecting Mother Earth through biodegradable packaging:

Pick up a bag of our coffee and you will see and feel it’s earth-friendly packaging. The craft bags are the most biodegradable on the market and although not yet 100%, we continue to work with suppliers to produce one that is. You have our promise that packaging which is completely capable of decomposing and returning to Mother Earth is our goal. We are grateful to HER for providing the rich soil that brings forth the flavorful beans used to make this exquisite coffee which makes Mother Earth our number one and most important partner.  Our logo not only speaks to bringing people of all cultures together, it is also a visual representation of our love for the earth.



Your coffee should taste good and do good.

We commit to achievieng as many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that we can through our partnerships.  


Drinking our coffee is a simple way of showing that you care.

our SOUTH EAST MICHIGAN community partners

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Our Customers

You!  We want to connect with you and give you a chance to be part of our coffee community that is creating positive changes - every single day.  That delicious morning coffee  can help with social projects in your community just as it is helping with social good in the coffee growing region of SW Uganda.

Connect with us and let us help you with your own good cause.  

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